The Brand

Behind The Brand

Leonie Worrell is a luxury menswear brand, creating accessories that embody masculine grace. Looking your best requires attention – and this starts with the right neckwear to bring together the whole look, cementing a man’s own individual brand. Leonie Worrell incorporates premium British quality cloths such as tweeds, Merino wools, twills, raw silks and 100% Liberty cotton prints. Blending traditional favourites with innovative and new fabrics creates individual pieces that will improve any man’s wardrobe. An essential choice for Leonie Worrell is to present her range of products handmade and packaged beautifully in order to guarantee to the customer the added value that being made in London offers: design, functionality, style and attention to detail.

Her intention is that each crafted item accentuates her customer’s style, uniqueness and personal brand and therefore contributes to their character and personality.

Her Promise

– To cut every item from a roll of British woven fabric.
– To use silk waxed thread to add value to your accessory.
– To maintain the great relationships she has with her cloth merchants that will enable her to always bring to you the highest quality.

 There are a few things desirable to a woman as a man wearing a well-made tie. Equally men love to see women who take care of the small details.

The Story

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