The Maker and Her Story

London designer Leonie Worrell has realised her dream of becoming a true craftswoman. Defined by a strong sense of character with an eye fixed on the future, Leonie Worrell is the result of dedication to grafting and artistry. Leonie was up against finding her way in a male-dominated industry, however her brand and who she is, has proved time and time again that she has the ability to hold her own and produce high quality men’s accessories.

She wanted to provide men with beautiful neck wear that is not just seen as just an add-on but a staple that makes them look ready for the day.


“Everything is so mass produced.
Let’s go back to the makers”

“Old-school craftsmanship is the foundation of my ties”.  Leonie is a self-taught tie maker who started by breaking-down and reverse-engineering vintage ties that inspired her.

From studying Fashion Production, to learning various hand-sewing techniques in some of the most prestigious Bespoke Tailors, she then realised her true potential at Saville Row. This is where Leonie Worrell, the brand, started to materialise. Here, she started to notice that there was a change of tide in menswear; one that was seeing more of a focus on materials, design and style, with shops giving space for menswear and accessories.